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From Advanced R&D
to Responsive Turnarounds,
We’re Your Affordable,
One-Stop Glassware Provider

Put our manufacturing expertise, top-quality products and reasonable prices to your advantage.

Glassware Depot is an established and proven leader for borosilicate glass that meets international standards. As one of the world’s largest hollow glass manufacturers, our production capacity exceeds 1.6 million tons annually, accounting for more than 5.5 billion products per year — including uses for industries, laboratories, food & beverage providers, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, and many more.

Outstanding Customer Service with Custom Capabilities

You can depend on Glassware Depot to deliver consistent, durable, high performance products in rapid time. As an added plus to customers, we take special pride in our abilities to custom design and manufacture glassware in any quantity needed, from a single item to large volume orders.

In addition to manufacturing products spanning a large variety of shapes, purposes and colorant formulas, we also offer deep processes such as decal/logo printing, frosted glasses, screen patterning, and other specialized needs.

And every item is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Leading the Way in Research, Technology and Manufacturing Practices

Glassware Depot has built an enviable reputation for innovative practices in R&D, as well as first-grade facilities and manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing plants contain the latest high-end equipment, featuring fully computer automated control systems and in-depth inspection procedures for product stability — from composing, melting, shaping, annealing and inspecting to packing.

Among our advances are automatic batching systems, multidimensional designs, and bottle-shaping surveying instruments. Equally important, we have invested heavily to achieve safe environmental practices. This includes building a desulfurization tower with 3-layer filtering system and waste water treatment system, and the use of natural gas instead of coal for our production processes.

Glassware Depot is a division of Newtrans Group, an importer and exporter of products. For more information about our parent company, please visit: http://www.newtransgroup.com

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