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Glassware Depot’s impressive capabilities have earned us many of the world’s foremost companies as our customers. But we’re equally focused on smaller customers with the same high degree of customer service and pride in delivery.

We proudly serve manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers with an array of bottles, jars and containers used for foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other related industries. As an added value, we offer seamless warehousing and logistics through our sister companies at extremely affordable costs.

Enjoy the Image and Functionality You Desire

We think you’ll appreciate the benefits of our cutting-edge facilities which achieve extremely stable computer-controlled production, including automated packing systems with extensive quality control checking devices. Thanks to our advanced press and blow processes, and vessel production lines with computer-controlled double-mould high-speed shaping techniques, we reliably serve high-end markets with excellent results.

Our custom capabilities will help you achieve the exact product look you want, consistently maintaining your logo and image integrity with precision design and colorations, even through high volume replication.

We manufacture hollow glass bottles and vessels in various shapes for many different purposes with product weights from 25g to 2000g, especially good at the high quality requirements of sparkling juice glass bottle, mineral water glass bottle, baby food glass bottles and instant coffee glass bottle. Your choices include clear glass, high flint, quasi flint, commercial flint, emerald green, antique green, amber, and more. We also offer deep processes such as acid printing, decal printing, screen printing and frosting.

Beverage Bottle

275mL Sparkling Juice Glass Bottle

750mL Sparkling Juice Glass Bottle

750mL Sparking Juice Glass Bottle

150mL Bottle

200mL Bottle

213mL Bottle

240mL Bottle

50mL Bottle

55mL Bottle

75mL Bottle

100mL Bottle

260mL Bottle

267mL Bottle

340mL Bottle

475mL Bottle

1030mL Bottle

Food Bottle

2.5oz Baby Food Glass Jar

4oz Baby Food Glass Jar

5oz Baby Food Glass Jar

6oz Baby Food Glass Jar

7.5oz Baby Food Glass Jar

250mL Instant Coffee Glass Bottle

416mL Instant Coffee Glass Bottle

500mL Instant Coffee Glass Bottle

49mL Bottle

100mL Pudding Bottle

100mL Bottle

110mL Bottle

125mL Bottle

150mL Bottle

250mL Bottle

350mL Bottle

490mL Bottle

750mL Bottle

Beer & Wine

120mL Bottle

320mL Bottle

330mL Bottle

400mL Bottle

470mL Bottle

500mL Bottle

500mL Beer Bottle

500mL Wine Bottle

540mL Bottle

600mL Bottle

600mL Beer Bottle

660mL Bottle

750mL Wine Bottle

750mL Wine Bottle – Green

865mL Beer Bottle

946mL Bottle

Sauce Bottle

47mL Bottle

68mL Bottle

110mL Bottle

130mL Bottle

150mL Bottle

150mL Oil Bottle

150mL Soy Sauce Bottle

186mL Bottle

190mL Bottle

200mL Oil Bottle

215mL Soy Sauce Bottle

225mL Bottle

230mL Bottle

240mL Oil Bottle

250mL Soy Sauce Bottle

366mL Bottle

375mL Bottle

380mL Oil Bottle

400mL Soy Sauce Bottle

430mL Bottle

450mL Bottle

500mL Oil Bottle

575mL Soy Sauce Bottle

620mL Bottle

1000mL Bottle

1000mL Oil Bottle


100mL Bottle

108mL Bottle

250mL Bottle

300mL Bottle



Furthered Processed Bottle

386mL Bottle

1030mL Bottle

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