Industrial Applications

Glassware Depot is an
International Leader on
Research and Production
of Borosilicate Glass.

All industrial products meet the international standard of ISO9001: 2008, which has similar performance characteristics of U.S.A. PYREX-7740 and German DURAN-8830.This provides the best anti-corruption material for chemical, pharmaceutical, scientific and other applicable industry uses.

The Reliability You Want, the Service You Deserve

Glassware Depot gives you the best of all worlds. Our industrial glassware is known for its extreme reliability, precision and competitive pricing. Each piece is built using the most dependable raw materials to withstand repetitive industrial applications with consistent performance and longevity.

You can also rely on our advanced R&D and precise quality control that goes into every step of our production process, right down to packaging and timely delivery to your door. We incorporate the most sophisticated technology and equipment to conduct in-depth quality inspections. As a result, you receive products that are dimensionally accurate, break and scratch resistant, and produced in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Among our Comprehensive Selection of Industrial Glassware Products:

  • Tubes
  • Rods
  • Pipelines and Pipe Units
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Feeders
  • Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Evaporating Feeding Towers
  • Supporting Structural Assemblies

Utilize Our Expertise for Your Unique Needs

We are capable of creating custom designs according to your specifications in exactly the desired quantity you desire. However product customization is just one of our many personalized services.

Whether it involves planning, designing, selecting and manufacturing components, or experimentation processes, our highly-trained specialists are ready to consult with you to provide cost-effective, practical solutions.

We also help supply test equipment for trial production runs or professional assistance for training and teaching. Furthermore, technical service and on-site installations are available upon request.

Single Metering Pump


  • The pump head is made of borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE, easy to monitor, non-pollution and anti-corrosion
  • Small size, lightweight, continuous operation
  • Permanent seals to prevent leakage
QB-JL-25 25 0-360 .3
QB-JL-50 50 0-640 .3

Structure Couplings and Clamps

1.1 Corner Coupling

CAT. NO. Tube Size L (mm)
BKJ-J002-32 1" 46
BKJ-J002-48 1.5" 68

1.2 Coupling Type 10

CAT. NO. Tube Size L (mm)
BKJ-J003-32 1" 46
BKJ-J003-48 1.5" 68

1.3 T Coupling Type 35

CAT. NO. Tube Size L (mm)
BKJ-J004-32 1" 46
BKJ-J004-48 1.5" 68

Lower Supporting Rings

Used for the vertical support of the column.

CAT. NO. DN b (mm) e (mm) d1 (mm)
BKJ-TTP-100 100 214 228 14
BKJ-TTP-150 150 296 312 18
BKJ-TTP-180 180 312 316 18
BKJ-TTP-230 230 380 398 18
BKJ-TTP-300 300 475 493 18

Vessel Holders

CAT. NO. Vessel d2 (mm) d3 (mm) h (mm) h2 (mm) k1 (mm) e (mm)
BKJ-QTP-50 50L 440 280 126 270 360 255
BKJ-QTP-100 100L 500 340 122 330 422 299
BKJ-QTP-200 200L 620 460 118 360 544 385

Rapid Closures

Rapid closures are special connecting devices, used as mechanism for rapid opening and closure of the connected glass reactors to replace the old ordinary closures.


  • Rapid and simplified changes of system components
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Comfortable handle-turning design
  • Easy installation and economical use


Rapid closures use PTFE and PTFE “O” rings, suitable for all kinds of solvents and high temperature environment.


Rapid Closure Type A use stainless steel support to meet the requirement of GMP workshop.

Rapid Closures Type A:

CAT. NO. DN D d1 H
QPJ-KKFL-50A 50 132 M8 138
QPJ-KKFL-80A 80 155 148
QPJ-KKFL-100A 100 200 178
QPJ-KKFL-150A 150 280 180

Weight Equalizers

In large glass columns, due to the overweight of the equipment and the material to be processed, safe operation of the apparatus is a crucial problem. GD framework systems are designed with the weight distributed to several supporting points, effectively reducing the load of the glass columns to prevent overload, avoiding possible damage to the glass columns due to uneven weight. This mechanism consists of a supporting frame, directing rods, lifting rods and balancer. It ensures the weight loading status under any circumstance.

The weight equalizers have the following functions in glass column installation:

  • Reduction of load on the fixing points of the columns
  • Reduction of load on the column components, and even distribution of load on the framework and column axial

Jacketed Reactors

Item Technical Parameters
Volume 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L

Reaction Unit

Reaction Volume Distilling Tube Cooling Area M2 Distilling Cooling Area M2 Product Vessel Receiving Vessel
20L DN80 0.4 0.1 20L 5Lx2
50L DN100 0.6 0.2 30L 10Lx2
100L DN150 1.5 0.4 100Lx2 30Lx2
200L DN200 2 0.4 50Lx2 50Lx2
  1. Stirring drive
  2. Top vessel
  3. Stirring seal
  4. Stirrer paddle
  5. Reactor
  6. Thermostat (electric heating / vapor heating / heat conductive oil bath)
  7. Bottom discharge valve
  8. Condenser
  9. Reflux separator
  10. Structure framework
  11. Product condensing
  12. Product receiver
  13. Product discharge valve

Bromine Extraction Unit

All GD bromine extraction apparatus are made of borosilicate glass and PTFE, featuring many advantages, such as corrosion-proof, energy saving, transparency for easy observation, durability and easy maintenance.

GD bromine extraction apparatus are designed on the basis of international and domestic experience, and with advanced technologies, such as: energy recycling, static mixing, column showering, waste gas processing, column framework components, to ensure advanced production processing capacity of the apparatus.

  1. Heat exchanger
  2. Distillation tower
  3. Shell and tube cooler
  4. Bromine water separator
  5. First and second rectifying column
  6. Exhaust air absorption tower
  7. Product bromine outlet

This is the 60 M2 heat exchangers of nitrobenzene, 16T/h of dilute acid concentration.

Dilute Acid Concentrated Apparatus

In the apparatus for producing chemicals such as nitrobenzene, there is a need to extract and reuse dilute acid for balanced reaction and for environmental protection. GD efficient glass heat exchangers are necessary hardware for this purpose.


Mixing Area:

It is equipped with stepless adjustable motor and PTFE stirrer suited for any kind of solvent and high temperature environment.

Settling Area:

It is equipped with PTFE regulating valve, suited for different kind of mixing and setting.

Jacketed Mixer Settler:

GD can provide jacketed mixer-settler for separating different substances.


  1. Mixing area
  2. Separating area
  3. Settling area
  4. Stepless speed change motor
  5. Stirrer
  6. PTFE baffle
  7. Manual regulator
  8. Regulating range
  9. Light phase outlet
  10. Discharge
  11. Light phase inlet
  12. Heavy phase inlet
  13. Heavy phase outlet
  14. Net row